More veggies?

In terms of discovering the right juicer to your family, there are several models and types to pick from. All of them is sold with its own group of benefits and will be offering their particular common problems and cons. One juice containing impressed millions which is hottest selling juicer on the internet is Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. It’s amazed competition and people know that this device is not just a name. So, can this juicer compare to others within the class, or can it standalone as among the best? Let’s use a close look….
The Omega J8006 is a slow speed masticating juicer that comes in chrome and black, giving it that modern and sleek look that will look perfect for the counters of contemporary kitchens. Your machine processes fruits at only 80 RPM. A great many other juicers out there include higher speed, but juicers with slow speed can establish enzyme rich juice which has a longer shelf-life in refrigerator. This juicer features a dual processing system that ensures it sucks out every drop of liquid out of your vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. You can also use it to generate healthy baby food for your children and can use it to produce different type of spreads and nut butters.

The Omega J8006 juicer is supplied to automatically rid itself of most pulp allowing for continuous operation. It runs so quietly that one could even use it in the evening when everybody else is sleeping at home as well as while sporting a conversation nearby. Should you come upon any mechanical or subtleties together with the unit, it arrives with full 20 years warranty, which ensures complete comfort.

There are numerous benefits of using Omega J8006 juicer. When you juicing an item sufficiently small enough to suit inside its chute, the juicer should be able to handle it. Mainly because it runs at slower RPM than other machines, it ensures you get every drop of juice in your glass rather than just ending up in your compost pile. An additional benefit with this particular juicer is always that heat never increases within it, which ensures you keep the flavour fresh when you lift up your glass for a drink. You can actually disassemble it, wash it and then reassemble again, so there’s you don’t need to over and over refer its manual which parts goes where like a few other machines.

Features and Specifications

•Powerful torque and occasional speeds at 80 RPM.
•Measures 14.5 Inch X 6.5 Inch X 15.5 ” and weighs around 18 pounds.
•Quite operations and dual stage juicing system.
•Zero foaming, clogging, as well as heat develop.
•Long 15 year warranty.

The pros

It’s an easy task to operate. It could squeeze all required minerals from the vegetables and fruits. Its blade revolves at 80 rounds a minute, so that you save great deal of electricity. It’s doesn’t make foamy messes and nit not too noisy. They are available in an extended 20 years warranty.

The disadvantages

It’s bit heavy to handle. So that you can fit into the tube, you’ll ought to cut the vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces.


All in all, the Omega J8006 is the greatest masticating available on the market. Its extra-strong auger design, 80 RPM speed, and phenomenal extraction process can make it a really dependable juicer. Anybody would find this machine useful, regardless of whether they lover raw juiced extracts you aren’t because being able to efficiently grind through every ingredient makes it worth the investment

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