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Dealing With a Refrigerator That Doesn’t Cool Properly
Today we'll work on a Frigidaire refrigerator repair, we are going to be replacing the actual cooler controller or thermostats,[...]
Unclogging Drains and Toilets
It always seems that bathroom sinks are always getting clogged much more than other types of sinks which I suppose[...]
Repairing Walls
If you come across a hole in the wall that’s too big to spackle then you need to put some[...]
Basic Circuit Troubleshooting
When your dryer, vacuum cleaner, blender, or any other appliance suddenly won’t work, most people do one of two things.[...]

About Larry Artis

I've been involved in rebuilding and renovation for as long as I can remember. From early on when I salvaged bicycle parts to make my own working bike to getting into the real estate property renovation business with my uncle at an early age, I've tackled just about every kind of home improvement project you can imagine - both "hands-on" doing it myself, as well as from the perspective of a general contractor, managing teams on big projects.

iCSM is here as a vehicle for me to share my knowledge and to document some of the work and projects I have (and will be) taking on.  I hope you'll find something useful here for your own projects. Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions on things for our site.

Don't forget... this site, like so many projects, is "under construction".  Check back often for the latest articles, information and helpful advice.

If you have an idea for a project you'd like to see us tackle, feel free to contact us and make a suggestion. While I can't guarantee we'll be able to do it... we just might!  Simply use our contact form and drop us a note.